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We Have The Most Organized Kids Curriculum 

For Parents designing an amazing life of success for their children, Austin Kung Fu puts the needs of your child first using Chinese martial arts to develop body and mind. Our Instructors encourage and inspire to get the most from kids. The Kung Fu path builds a track record of success, a foundation for your child’s lifelong thirst for achievement.

Two Kid’s Programs


They Develop:

  • Increased Attention and Focus
  • Perseverance
  • Self Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Respect For Themselves and Others
  • Self-Defense Basics

4-6 year olds primarily need an introduction to attention, focus, and learning the basics of balance and dexterity in a fun and friendly environment as they begin Kung fu. That’s what we provide.


They Develop:

  • Perseverance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Self-Defense skills

Dragon Level Kids ages 7-12 yr train, grow and mature under kind and respectful instruction. Fun and fitness become a way of life as they learn to set goals and work to attain them, a skill that reaches outside the “kwoon” or school.

Kung Fu Makes Kids More COnfident

Kids everywhere are suffering from a lack of confidence. They are missing the inner discipline and focus that helps them build pride and self-esteem. Kung Fu is the one activity that can bring this change.



Doctors, teachers and parents agree that Kung Fu helps kids learn how to focus on tasks and achievements.


Inner Discipline & Patience

Kids learn how to stay on a path to reach a goal. They learn to work hard and delay gratification in the pursuit of skill and rank.


Confidence & Self-Esteem

Our belt system keeps kids moving forward and celebrating milestones along the way. These accomplishments & successes aid children in building personal power and character.



Simple, effective self defense skills, and confidence keep children in the safe zone.



Children develop a natural life of fitness, strength and flexibility when they train in Kung fu.

The Most Organized Kids Kung Fu Curriculum

Something that is so fun is also so good for them

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From Our Clients
Want to read more reviews. We have over 50 5-star reviews between Google and Yelp.

I can’t believe I’m coming up on 9 years studying martial arts with my son and daughter at Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi! My only regret is not starting my journey much earlier in life. You will fit in if you choose to join this school. All you have to do is take that first step.

Erik Atkinson

Kung Fu Family


My 7 year old daughter is just starting Kung Fu, but I have so far been very impressed with Shaolin-do North Austin Kung Fu and am very glad to have found them. When my daughter finished her first class she ran over to me and yelled “Daddy, I really like this place!”.  Apparently, even my 7 year old daughter is able to appreciate the difference in what she learned here versus the first place she tried.

Anyway – we are still early in our Kung Fu journey, but so far we are very happy to have found Shaolin-do.


Brand New Join


I’ve been taking my son for a little over a month now after researching school after school. This seemed to be the best priced with the best teachers, and I was right!
I love it and so does my 5 year old son. The instructors are so kind and really care about the kiddos. They’re great with them! And there’s usually about 3-5 instructors so the groups are usually divided into 2-5 kids at a time, meaning more time for instruction.
This is a great way to boost your child’s confidence while having fun and teaching them discipline. It’s awesome to see my son get excited when he earns a stripe on his belt and work towards getting the next one!




My 9 yo son has been studying kung fu here for several years. He has grown a lot in that time, and is focused and dedicated in class. We appreciate the leadership here for their consistent warmth and guidance!

Victoria O'Neal

Parent Of Kid Student


Since I started the training, I have gained more self-confidence and a second family.  The people there are sincere and caring and have become my second family.  We know each others children and are all interested in their well-being.

Both my daughters have taken on the interest of learning the art and are now a second degree black belt and soon to be a black belt.  They have both gained self confidence and skills that are invaluable.   Knowing that they can protect themselves is a comfort to me.”

Debbie Tam

4th degree black belt


Brady is still going to this Kung Fu school. He turns 14 next month. He is working on his second degree black belt. He says he sees himself going to college in Austin, and still being a student here. He hopes to be an instructor here one day. He is a lifelong member. No regrets!

Jessica Stoval

long time student parent